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Parys Team Building

Why do team building in Parys? Team building creates: Cross functional efficiency, Awareness amongst colleges, Eases management changes, Develops and maximizes strategic planning initiatives, Cements relationships with employees and clients, Enhances current training, adds fun and networking at conferences Our activities can be incorporated with the whole theme of your conference or breakaway at Parys […]


Quad Bikes

Quad bikes, or – to be more precise – all terrain vehicles – are fun things. Yes, they’re noisy and – in the wrong hands – they can be used for destructive purposes, but so can kitchen knives. Situated near Parys in the Dome world heritage site, we here at Parys Adventures do our quad […]



We take your team building ideas and develop them into team building games and team building exercises to develop your custom made challenge to enhance your team work. “Team building is our game, building your teams is our aim!” Paintball Originally this was a way for forestry workers to mark trees and also by cattle […]


River Rafting

It is interesting to note that white-water rafting was one of the earliest forms of transportation. Rafting was not only used for carrying people but also for transferring goods from one place to another. However, river rafting became quite popular as a form of leisure activity in the 1980s. This was also the case in […]


Fun Events

Parys is the place to be! The Vaal River has some fun level 1 to 4 rapids and is very close to Johannesburg so it is a popular destination for family. Bring your family, friends or colleagues, come and explore Parys Adventures wide variety of fun filled and exciting activities…. Some of our activities include: […]

fire walk

Fire Walk

Who set your limits? You? Who placed your boundaries where they are? Have you challenged you capabilities? Fire walking is an extremely powerful team building exercise! If done correctly has a powerful message, and can be traced back to 2000 BC where it was instituted by the Indo Europeans to prepare the mind of the […]