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Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

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Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting combines computer technology with infrared laser beams with the classic sport of clay pigeon shooting. It is an excellent team building event that can be done day or night. Great activity for young and old.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting at Parys Adventures provides the opportunity for everyone (young and old) to enjoy the thrill and excitement of shotgun shooting in perfect safety, without any threat to the surrounding environment.

The system has five guns and a scoreboard. The guns fire an infrared beam at the reflective and reusable clays – there’s a realistic shotgun ‘bang’ – hits are indicated by the sound of a breaking clay and appear on the scoreboard. This system is mobile and is perfect for any family or friend get together and even as entertainment at your wedding. Our system is setup at the REAL Adventures Base Camp approximately 6 km outside Parys within tranquil farm setting. Our qualified and experienced guides will ensure fun and laughter for all.The system can be used indoors or outdoors, there is even a night setting.

The following games can be played:

Wild Wild West:

The first person to hit the clay gets ten points, the second gets nine, the third get eight points etc. It is possible for a person to be first and second to hit the clay and they would then score nineteen points.
The Shootout: Only the first person to hit the clay scores full points.

Last man Standing:

After the “Wild Wild West” we can then run the dreaded “Last Man Standing” competition. Five participants compete in “qualifying rounds” of a chosen game and at the end of each game the lowest scoring delegate drops out. When there is only one person left this person moves through to the final. We repeat this process until all the participants have had a chance to qualify for the final. The winner of this event would be the overall winner.

Whats Included

Qualified guides
All Required equipment

What to Bring



Duration 1-2 Hours Depending on group Size
Departure Time Various
Start Point REAL Adventures Base Camp
Transport None
Minimum People 4
Meals None
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